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#TeamTama is a low-sec community. We stage out of the most violent system in the game: Tama. This provides constant content and pvp opportunities during all time zones. From fast T3d roams to top level gate camping (OMG#FUN), TeamTama is all about having a good time playing Eve Online. Tama, Black Rise, and its surrounding regions consist of significant traffic, fleet vs fleet engagements, and faction warfare. You won’t find blobs or blue-balls here; we take and make fights that lead to good fights. We all have a little pirate in us, #TeamTama is where you let it out, make things go boom, and ask why is the rum always gone? Further information can be provided upon request!

Tama 2017


    We offer:
  • Veteran leadership
  • Daily roams small - mid gang (various doctrine)
  • 0 blues
  • Target rich environment
  • Daily gate camps on the most prestigious gate of New Eden
  • Accessible fleets and content for all ages
  • 100% SRP on all corporate lead fleets/ops
  • Old school piracy
    We are looking for:
  • Relaxed individuals
  • Willingness to adapt to an NPSI fleet
  • Ts3
  • Motivated teamplayers
Not Purple Shoot It. When a fleet is up, TeamTama is open to anyone that wants to participate and contribute to the fleet. No matter what your corp or alliance, YOU can JOIN our fleet!!!

#TEAM TAMA Expanded Universe

The King of the Nourv

To some he is a villain whose very name sticks in the throat like piss and bile. To others he is their savior whos very presence in fleet is enough to steady even the most cowardly amongst men. To some he is the gate keeper, with no keys. To others he is madman gone blind drunk on his own liquor of killmails and loot. To some he is neither friend nor foe but draws spectacle none the less. To others he is the coward that only a mother could love. But to all he is The King of the Nourv All loot to PERUNGA first of his name - keeper of gates - whelper of caps - King of Tama - Father of campers.

TEAM TAMA covered up the moon landing
The story of Paldave
TAMA Local
The Agressor
Homoerotic back story.
TEAMTAMA: Future 1
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